Mr. Asao and Mr. Matsumoto's Class

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Welcome to P4's Class Website

Please remember to check and sign your child's planner daily.  

"Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it."- Winston Churchill


Congratulations P4
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4/14: Good Friday
5/18: P4 - 4th Qtr. Incentive: Bowling @ The Hangar
5/26: Last day of school

List of resources if I do not understand my homework: 
1.  Use your composition notebook containing notes from class.
2,  Look at the textbook or student journal.  *if you cannot access the textbook online, make sure you ask a teacher for permission to bring home.  Make sure you bring it back!
3.  Utilize online resources like Khan Academy to watch video tutorials.  
4.  Practice problems on IXL.  If you get it wrong, it shows you how to do it correctly!
5.  Google is an excellent resource! You can find almost anything through Google.  There are many websites that can show you how to do something.  
6.  Ask a parent; ask another adult; ask a friend.

Language Arts


Science Fair/STEM


SB=Spelling Book, PB=Practice Book, GB=Grammar Book 
Step It Up=Math Packet

*Math assessments given at the end of every module. Please check your child's Origo Gauge accounts for their scores. 

50 States And Capitals